Steve Berger shares how the Stikkum platform has helped him monitor past clients and win back multiple deals in a short period of time.

“I have probably closed 3-4 deals since I started with Stikkum.”

The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought unforeseen changes to the home financing industry. Stikkum’s latest version of its mortgage retention alert and automation platform has helped industry leaders retain customers despite disruption.

Steve Berger with Newport Beach’s Coastal Capital Funding shares his experience with the recently enhanced automation platform. He says Stikkum’s technology has helped him stay top-of-mind with past clients.

“Right out of the gate, I won a client over who I’ve worked with for several years… the client was in motion to refinance with a large national bank,” said Berger. He talked about what followed, “I sent them a text and asked them if they would be open to a mortgage proposal and the rest is history. I have probably closed 3-4 deals since I started with Stikkum.”

The platform enhancements strengthen the way mortgage brokers and bank loan officers reconnect, contact, and engage existing mortgage client relationships.

“I like the concept of knowing which of my clients are, once again, in the market for mortgage services. This is a great way to know what they’re looking for. I also like having their credit score handy,” said Berger.

Stikkum Reconnect utilizes TRUE ALERT technology that notifies the loan officer via email within hours of a competitor submitting a mortgage application on behalf of a monitored customer, and an auto-alert response communication is sent to the monitored customer to fast track the reconnection process.

“All in all, I like monitoring everything and having the information at my fingertips,” explained Berger.


About Steve Berger and Coastal Capital Funding:
Steve Berger is an Orange County, CA resident who strives to grow his faith and is devoted to his beautiful wife Joyce and their three children. He considers himself a ‘people person’ and prides himself on being a true mortgage industry professional. The Coastal Capital Funding team is dedicated to providing a superb experience for mortgage clients throughout all of California, Washington, and Oregon. Berger prioritizes continuous communication with all parties involved and ensures closing on time. He stays connected with his clients long after closing by providing mortgage-related advice and strategies.


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