Technology empowering you to CONNECT, SAVE, RETAIN, and GROW your valued client relationships and revenue.

Dynamic retention platform continuously monitoring your client base, sensing your client’s activity, and actively alerting you when your client’s actual behavior signals that they are starting to connect with a competitor. Thus giving you the valuable notice and time to SAVE them...and KEEP them YOUR client going forward.


TRUE ALERT Technology

No False Positives! Using “SMART” technology to identify specifically a true mortgage/refi/ Home Eq action.

Omni-Connect Platform

Platform of connection allowing connectivity and communication via mobile app, web, email, text, etc.

Multi-Directional communication

Automatically reaching out to you and your client (on behalf of you)…facilitating the fastest connection possible.

Dynamic Management Console

Comprehensive visibility of all activities, clients, and action needed alerts on one single screen.

Dashboard analytics and reports immediately present on screen to give quick information for quick decisions.

Priority alerts highlighted so that immediate action can be taken.

Action oriented console, allowing for connections driven right from this screen.


Comprehensive Client Awareness and Retention System

Actively Manage your full database of current loans/clients.

"Traffic Light" visibility highlighting which clients need action, have been attended to, are settled and fine. Allowing for deep and wide visibility of your activity.

Communications module giving full control and customization of all alert communication to all entities you decide to communicate with.

Open integrations with your CRM and ERP systems.

Omni-Connect & Multi-Direction Communication Platform

Fully mobile app enabled allowing for all access to all information from any device iOS and Android.

"Full execution and connection can be executed right from the app to allow for an immediate connection via phone, txt, email etc.

All reports and dashboard visibility at your finger tips giving you global visibility of your client retention situation.