When it comes to getting more customers from your marketing, the first goal is to drive consumers to your website. But that’s still not enough to determine the true effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. You need your prospects to take the next step in the consumer buying journey, which is to contact you while they’re visiting your website or immediately afterward. And when prospects do call you, email you, or fill out a form on your website, they move even further down the sales funnel and can become leads once you qualify them.

How well you follow up with and nurture your leads at this stage of the buying journey often determines if they become customers. In fact, businesses that nurture new leads with marketing-related emails see up to 45% more lead generation ROI than businesses that do not use lead nurturing. So, how exactly do you turn new leads into customers?

Here are four steps from ReachLocal that can help you master lead management and get more customers from your marketing efforts.

  1. Build Your Contact List
  2. Track the Marketing Source
  3. Respond to Calls & Emails ASAP
  4. Regularly Follow Up With & Nurture Your Leads

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