In the recent research study Building Relationships for Lead Conversion, the Ascend2 research team found that considerable shifts in the way businesses operate are leading marketers to re-examine the way they approach lead generation. For mortgage businesses, that means building meaningful connections with potential homebuyers and current homeowners are now a critical part of generating and nurturing leads that convert.

How can mortgage brokers alike build relationships to maximum lead generation and conversion? Here are a few noteworthy findings from the Asend2 research study:

  1. Mortgage brokers are struggling to generate enough relationships as they shift marketing efforts to more digital-forward initiatives.
  2. Social media, email marketing, and website/SEO lead the way as the most effective channels for building relationships for lead conversion.
  3. Creating and distributing content is essential to building relationships, and content in video format has been found to be most effective at generating leads that convert.
  4. While many marketing dollars were previously allocated to in-person events and direct marketing efforts, they are now being redirected to social media and website/SEO improvement.

Building relationships takes time. Built and designed specifically for the mortgage industry, Stikkum can help monitor your client base, build relationships, qualify, and convert prospects and past clients when they are in the market for a new loan.  Never miss an opportunity to grow your mortgage customer business – request a demo today!


Download the original, full research report on the Ascend2 blog.