With over 500,000 licensed mortgage loan officers in the U.S. (according to NMLS), competitive is fierce when it comes to attracting and retaining homebuyers. To stand out in this competitive industry, generate new mortgage leads and retain current business, you need to make the loan process more personal.

Like most industries, relationships are at the core of mortgage sales best practices. Moreover, you also need to provide an exceptional experience so more homebuyers will want to work with you and referral partners will want to refer you.

Here are 15 mortgage sales tips from BombBomb to help set you apart from other loan officers:

  1. Without Salesmanship, Your Deals are Lacking
  2. Yes, Honesty Is Still the Best Policy
  3. Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert
  4. Speed Wins the Day
  5. You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For
  6. Understand Your Clients’ Schedules
  7. Expect Multiple Touchpoints
  8. Know What Comes Next
  9. Always Follow Up in Writing (Or Video)
  10. Be Proactive, Not Reactive
  11. Know Your Market
  12. Qualify Your Clients
  13. Treat Referrals as a Top Priority
  14. Relationships Build Revenues
  15. Add Value

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Find the original, full article by Aaron Colby “How to Close More Mortgage Loans: 15 Mortgage Sales Tips” on the BombBomb blog.