Why we need to work together

Companies today are working double time to find new prospects and grow their business. But the issue is, that it feels like taking two steps forward to out pace the one step BACKWARD. This is because they have to outpace “ATTRITION”. The portion of their client base that leaves them each and every month.


What if

There was a way to constantly monitor these good clients.

Imagine if

Any one of these clients applies for a mortgage/Refi/ Home Eq…a system would notify you of that action being taken, so that you could intercept and SAVE your client, before they partner with someone else?

What would happen if

That possibly lost client could get a communication, from you automatically via a system, reconnecting the relationship?

What if

When you sign up a new client, continuous engagement could be facilitated, establishing constant awareness, and best of all…providing a venue for the promotion of additional products and services? Thus growing the value of your current relationship exponentially!


How we can make a difference together

Stikkum is designed to CONNECT and ENRICH the relationships you have with your clients. A multi-module solutions embracing all facets of your client retention and relationship optimization opportunities.


You work hard, to originally find, engage, and finally capture new relationships. To truly grow your business, at all levels, it is important that your current client base is retained and optimized. To combat outside competition from trying to steal your valuable customers, and/or reconnect with clients that may be drifting away to other opportunities…Stikkum has the most powerful alert and communication engine engaging you and your client, connecting you at the right time, right place, with the right person, for exactly the right reason….so that you can SAVE your client.



Dynamic retention platform continuously monitoring your client base, sensing your client’s activity, and actively alerting you when your client’s actual behavior signals that they are starting to connect with a competitor. Thus giving you the valuable notice and time to SAVE them…and KEEP them YOUR client going forward.


TRUE ALERT Technology

No False Positives! Using “SMART” technology to identify specifically a true mortgage/refi/ Home Eq action.

Omni-Connect Platform

Platform of connection allowing connectivity and communication via app, web, email, text, and mail.


Taking an “active” role in the relationship with your current clients is essential in not only preventing the need for reactive measures, but also is the secret ingredient in maximizing your client experience and value. Stikkum empowers you with the tools and platform to grow long and successful relationships.




Just like in healthcare….the “preventative” measures you take, and enable you to avoid harmful health issues later on. In business…the WELLNESS and a sustained HEALTHY relationship with your clients is achieved with a robust communication and engagement platform…Stikkum ENGAGE.


Client Communication and Engagement Platform

Your clients stay aware of you, and engaged with you continuously.

Client Relationship Optimization

promoting your additional products and services.



Broaden your portfolio of services and solutions to your clients. Becoming more and more of a comprehensive partner to your clients…thus more reason for them to stick with you! Relationships grow longer, deeper, and now “Wider”!!


Additional Revenue Streams

Marketplace of 3rd party solutions that can be offered to your clients base. Each of which earning you additional revenue.

Best of breed providers

Portfolio of best of breed relevant providers that enrich your presence with your clients and promote you as the all encompassing partner.